Meet the CMA Team!
The staff in the CMA showroom are always more than happy to help you with any questions you have. See the list of our CMA showroom staff below to get in contact with them.

Mickey Lang


x 2009

Karl Weiglin

Executive Vice President

x 2007

Carol Lang

Vice President of Operations

x 2006


David Thomas

Gallery + Traditions Divisions

x 2004

Jackie Hoggan

Home, Lifestyles + tag Divsions

Karl Weiglin

Innovations Division

x 2007


Rick Heumann


Ollis Hartley

x 2013



Conchita Sousa

Lifestyles + Home Divisions

x 2016

Daisy Lopez

Traditions Division

x 2023

Ollis Hartley

Innovations, Gallery + tag Divisions
x 2013


Maggie Lopez

x 2000


Nicholette Stephens

x 2002


Lydia Gutierrez

x 2035

Sandy Escobedo

x 2021




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